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Meet Henry Jones, the founder and driving force behind AUTOMATIC FITNESS LLC. With 22 years in the industry and 2+ years at his Riverview gym location, Henry has dedicated his career to combating unhealthy lifestyles and mindsets that the majority of the population has fallen into. Previously, he worked across DC, Maryland, and Virginia for 7 years, even appearing on Fox 5 News for his remarkable efforts.

Driven by a deep understanding of the damage that neglecting physical bodies and unhealthy eating habits can cause, Henry decided to address this problem.

He was motivated to establish a fitness hub that focuses on restoring and rejuvenating not just the body but the mind as well. He acknowledges that he might not be able to train everyone in the world, but he’s committed to impacting as many people as he can.


Henry operates AUTOMATIC FITNESS with a unique approach, establishing meaningful relationships with each client. He found the flexibility to deliver personalized service and attention in his privately-owned gym that he couldn't achieve in a corporate gym setting.


With a specialty in training individuals over 50, Henry's skills in restorative and rehabilitative training are unparalleled. His goal is to rejuvenate the mindset of his clients, believing that once the mind flows, the body will follow and results will manifest.


Customer service stands as the core competency of his business, shaping the solid brand that AUTOMATIC FITNESS is today. He designs customized programs, and executes fitness training in a unique way that is tailored to your needs, setting him apart from the rest. AUTOMATIC FITNESS offers a range of products to support your success including apparel, meal preps and online fitness programs.

Henry’s motto is simple but powerful:

"Let me help you by letting me help you."

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