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About  Automatic   Fitness 

Get to know the team

Henry Jones

Certified Fitness Trainer and Founder

My Introduction

I'm Henry Jones, or professionally called

Mr. Automatic Fitness.

I'm the founder/owner of Automatic Fitness LLC.

The term AUTOMATIC represents COMPLETE, as we focus on improving every aspect (mentally, physical, psychological, emotionally, and spiritually) of our client's requirements.

 In other words: *BMTB- BRAIN MOVES THE BODY!

 My ability to teach by telling, showing, and doing, impacts the mindset of my clients

I believe this enables better brain and body coordination leading to extraordinary results in lesser time than expected.

My background

I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida.

I attended Remington college.

 I graduated obtaining my Certificate as an ACE Certified Fitness Professional.

 One thing I loved the most about college is that I got the essential tools to change lives, like knowledge about anatomy and the kinesiology of the human body.

My Expertise

 Fitness is the key to a healthy lifestyle.


At AUTOMATIC FITNESS, we use a variety of training mechanics, variables, and techniques to help clients of all ages with different physical conditions.

 As a personal trainer, I help my clients gain total body fitness so they can live their lives to the fullest. 

Whether it's running a marathon, getting into peak physical condition for a big job, or simply learning how to eat properly to lose weight, I strive to make each and every session fun yet challenging.

Safety being a top priority at Automatic Fitness, our clients seek to exercise, feel great, look great, and enjoy a life of fitness just being part of TEAM AUTOMATIC.

My motto, "RESULTS MATTER," is the fruit of everyone's labor in every aspect of life.

My Personality

I'm simply a lover of fitness, and my lifestyle imbibes it.

I work with all types of clients, and when it comes to my more mature clientele, I educate them and provide specific programs that deal with any major contraindications to exercises.


My goal is to provide the support to help overcome ageing struggles and enhance all activities of their daily living. 

It really feels good to be providing a service that really helps people live longer.

I'm happy to be a tool of motivation that allows others also to stretch their limits and get involved! 

 I believe we all should be replicas of whatever we're doing! AUTOMATIC FR. (FOR REAL). 

One session is all it takes to  know this is the experience you can trust.

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