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7 extraordinary benefits you get from a personal trainer (you might not have thought of)

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Today you're going to learn why there's something incredibly liberating (and frequently hilarious) about going to the gym and working out with a personal trainer.

According to sources, by 2026, there will be around 330,000 personal trainers employed in the fitness industry in the United States alone.

Usually, these people are so good at their jobs they can whip you into shape in less than half the time it takes you to do it yourself... and sometimes... they can do it without ever laying a finger on you!

Hey friend, I've been thinking a lot about personal trainers lately. I think they might be the best single investment you can make if you are serious about getting healthy and they're 100% worth their weight in gold.

Here's why:

1.Safe workouts

Why is it essential to work out safely?

It is imperative to do the exercises in the right way.

If you are focused on the result and push yourself too hard, sometimes it can cause severe damage to your body.

Your trainer watches for your safety. They observe you perform the movements and help ensure that your technique is the best it can be.

A personal trainer will find out all about you-your likes, dislikes, medical history, current fitness level, goals, and lifestyle.

You then get an exercise plan that's fun, challenging, and tailored to you. Sometimes the program may not work out as expected.Your trainer monitors your progress and keeps adjusting the plan accordingly till you see the results.

2 Budget-friendly trainers

Nowadays, with the increased number of exceptionally qualified trainers, people of all ages and all walks of life now employ personal trainers.

Many offer group packages and limited period free trials in different gyms.

You can take advantage of these sessions to learn more about the coach, and if you feel comfortable, you can become workout partners.

Several factors can vary depending on the place you live, length of the sessions, the skills required, the gym fees, travel costs, and the number of sessions booked.

Tips to help you find the right coach

a)Cruise the gyms in your area and always keep your ears open for word-of-mouth publicity of a trainer. Visit the place they are providing the training.

b)Watch in action and be sure you will be comfortable working with them.

c)Most trainers are service-oriented and love to help people around them, so finding a good one shouldn't be a problem.

3. A fitness routine

After a break, the hardest part is getting back into a regular exercise habit.

It can be because of an injury,busy schedules,change of place or any other reason.

The toughest part is to step on that treadmill again or to lift those dumbbells.

When you work with a trainer, they will help you to work sessions into your diary.

You can attend these sessions only by paid prior appointment.

Most of the time, the amount is non-refundable, even if you decide not to attend.

The reminders of the session and the payment made alone can be a great source of motivation.

Not only that, with regular sessions, your trainer can suggest a much better exercise plan based on your progress to help you achieve the results you are expecting.

4.Help with health issues

After going through a major illness, we may lose our motivation to exercise when required the most.

Personal fitness trainers help us to bounce back into our routine with ease.

Once your doctor gives a green signal to proceed, you can share the information with your trainer.

Depending on the intensity of the problem and your condition, an expert trainer will suggest a particular exercise plan.

5.Together with the trainer

Usually, trainers spend their time with you, watch your movements, offer encouragement and correct your technique if you are doing it wrong.

The most important part is the feedback you get on how to improve your performance.

If you are not convinced, these ways will help you; only exercising with your trainer will, then they will be ready to do the reps along with you.

You find it more exciting to work together and never want to miss a session.

6.Tips and Tricks

Yes, To increase the number of calories you burn during an exercise session, you can either work harder or keep going longer.

There are certain tricks like cross-training and resistance work that can impact in a significant way.

Your trainer can adjust your plan so that you burn the maximum number of calories in less time.

A balance between diet and exercise is vital to see results quickly.

Healthy eating tips with strategic activities are the key to a more robust, leaner, and muscular body.

7.Time management

Your trainer will suggest to you the number of times you need to exercise to see the results.

Whether or not you do all these sessions with your trainer is up to you.

Only your determination can make you bend or stretch.

Never assume that the mere act of hiring a trainer will get you into shape-you have to put in a lot of effort.

You can meet your trainer once a week or fortnight and then work out by yourself in-between, or you can do every session with them.

What works for others may not work for you.

If you are confident you can follow the schedule by yourself, you can meet your trainer less often, but if you are the one who needs to be pushed out of bed every day to wake up, then book more frequent sessions.

Are you now convinced about hiring a personal trainer? If not, what are your other concerns?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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